1895 - Arthur C. Pillsbury's First Trip to Yosemite

Arthur C. Pillsbury was in college at Stanford majoring in Mechanical Engineering and running two businesses when he first  visited Yosemite.  

This is from the 1891 - 1900 Time Line 

4 May, Friday - Palo Alto News - ``Next Wednesday, A.C. Pillsbury and Frank Watson, `95. Will leave for Yosemite and Kings River Valley on their wheels. They will carry with them their camping outfits, consisting of aluminum cooking utensils, 32 calibre rifle and shotgun combined, blanket, camera and fishing tackle, whole outfit weighing about ten pounds apiece. They expect to be gone about three weeks and anticipate a pleasant trip. Mr. Pillsbury will ride a 16 - pound rambler."

When AC glided into Yosemite Valley he saw meadows filled with wild flowers standing waist deep.  He immediately began taking photos.  Two years later he arranged to partner with Julius Boysen, who had also fallen in love with Yosemite.  

AC knew immediately Yosemite should be part of his life.  He signed the Great Register and with his cousin, Bernard Lane and their friend,  Frank Watson, `95. they spent their time getting to know the Valley and far reaches of the Park.  

But he had also fallen in love with a woman and when their marriage broke up, hear-broken he sold his photos and share in what would become the Boysen Studio back to Julius and went to Alaska.  

Yosemite would always be close to his heart.   

24 June - Palo Alto News - bicycle shoes made to ACP order by Cahn, Nicklesbury & Co."

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